Celebrating Our 23rd Year


Due to an extremely busy season, our pre-cut inventory is completely

***SOLD OUT***


We will be open daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for the remainder of the season

Open til 2:00 pm on Christmas Eve


Dogs are welcome!! (Please bring a leash)


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The Colavita family would like to invite everyone to visit our Christmas Tree Farm. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of an old-fashioned country Christmas. We certainly have enjoyed all of you who have visited our farm and selected that perfect tree for you and your family. We feel fortunate to have met so many wonderful families and become a part of your Holiday tradition.


You may choose a tree from our fields and one of our friendly staff will assist you in cutting your selection or pick one of our many varieties of cut or balled trees. As you wander among the acres of Christmas trees and country barns, you may want to visit the Wreath Barn where fresh wreaths are made daily and may be custom decorated to suit your holiday mood.


Accent your doorways, arches, mailboxes, and mantles with custom fashioned evergreens, roping, and bows.   


We offer several unique services to ease the transportation of your tree home.  Our tree shaking process removes dead needles from your tree.  Kids of all ages love to watch the tree “dance”.  We will then net your tree for easy handling, loading, and set-up in your house.  As always, our friendly staff will assist in loading your tree and securing it to your vehicle.  We can also drill the bottom of your tree should your stand require it.  Special arrangements can be made for delivery and set-up in your home.


Capture the enchantment, joy, and peace of the season. Take home a beautiful Christmas tree and a cherished memory.